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Preserving Biodiversity
in Central New England

Expert Control of Nuisance Vegetation

We are a fully insured business serving southern Vermont,
southwestern New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts

Vermont certified pesticide applicator

Please contact us about your "growing" concerns. Our rates are quite
reasonable, and initial site visits are free (within a 30-mile radius of
our home base of Putney, Vermont).


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  • Poison ivy-- expert skills required
  • Glossy buckthorn-- relatively easy removal
  • Japanese barberry-- known to harbor deer ticks
  • Japanese knotweed--  a most tenacious problem
  • Oriental bittersweet-- not all types are invasive
  • Phragmites-- cattails would be preferable
  • Goutweed-beautiful ground cover that never comes off

Some nuisance plants you'll recognize


Gino Palmeri

  •  Bachelor of Science (biology), UMass
  • Permaculture design certificate, VT Wilderness School
  • 9 years experience in landscaping/ property maintenance in New England
  • Over 10 years of teaching experience, including outdoor & environmental education, in schools, camps and parks
  • Permaculture design certification (VT Wilderness School)
  • Nearly 12 years cumulative experience in landscaping and managing property in New England.

MY PHILOSOPHY AS A NATURALIST: The concept of "invasive species", plant or animal, is rather controversial. Most of us know that all living things in Earth's biosphere are part of a huge interconnected web, so it's impossible isolate any one location completely from the surrounding ecosystem. Humans have made quite a mess of things, but we are hopefully on a quick learning curve now. (Stay tuned for future blog posts for discussion on this matter.)

If you're a property owner/manager with an immediate and growing problem, you may need to hire someone. Where on that ecology learning curve do you want your contractor to be?